The New York metal scene is full of exceptional bands from all genres of our music. Whether you love death, thrash, doom, hardcore, folk, or any other type of heaviness, New York has a band for you. In the endless list of bands in the area, many stand out, and one of those is Lies Beneath. I first saw this band over a year ago, and right away liked what I heard. From diving into their old material, to learning their message, they are truly doing something special and different than most bands out there.

This Friday they will be unleashing their “Rites of Reconstruction” to the masses, and celebrating it’s release at Tobacco Road with Embrace Agony, Ashes Within, Slam One Down and Driven Mad. Plus, it’s my 30th birthday celebration, so what better present could I ask for right?!

So to help spread the word and get this band noticed as much as possible, we are proud to present you with the lyric video for “Go Bomb A Country” right now! This song showcases all that I love about this band. You get crushing riffs, precise drumming, a thundering bass sound, and diverse vocals that preach the message of this band loud and clear. Take a listen below and be sure to follow Lies Beneath on Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp and YouTube!


Yesterday they premiered the title track of the EP over at, and you can hear that below too! It’s just more proof of how impressive this band really is! Support them!

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As I mentioned above, Lies Beneath will be celebrating their EP’s release this Friday night in New York City at my 30th Birthday Bash! Joining them will be Embrace Agony, Ashes Within, Slam One Down and Driven Mad! All the details you need are in the promo and flyer below! Come rage with the NYC metal family and support the local scene!


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