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Lethal Vendetta: “No Prisoners No Mercy” Album Review


Lethal Vendetta: “No Prisoners No Mercy” Album Review

Lethal Vendetta are Australia’s own blend of thrash, groove and traditional metal and they are soon to release No Prisoners No Mercy. They will also be opening for At the Gates, Haunted and Witchery, as well as performing at Metal United Worldwide with Dreadnought, Envenomed and Fall and Resist, among others.

With No Prisoners No Mercy they don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather they stick to their guns and craft an album blistering with top notch tunes that will satisfy the more demanding metal fans. The title track  is perhaps the nadir of the album with dense guitar sounds that provide an uninterrupted sonic attack yet remains full of harmony. I’m also digging the anti-racism song “Race is Only a Name,” as well as “Salute to the Gods,” where Brent’s vocals fall and crash against the tide of riffs and the music cascading underneath.

Overall, Lethal Vendetta are a throbbing amorphous mass seething with a myriad of influences.

No Prisoners No Mercy is independently released and out now. Buy it here!

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