Legion Of The Damned: “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” Album Review


Legion Of The Damned: “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” Album Review

The Dutch thrash metal band Legion of the Damned have ridden the wave of time, having formed in 1994, and they are with their seventh album, Slaves of the Shadow Realm. Adding tastes of death and black metal to their work, they capture the best concepts these genres have to offer.

With huge emphasis on speed-driven riffs and an energetic and seamless execution, we delve headfirst into chaos with songs like “The Widows Breed” and “Nocturnal Commando.” In spite of the menacing tones, the presentation of the songs are well thought through and very consistent. I’m digging the black metal influence in the vocals of “Azazel’s Crown,” but my choice pick is “Slaves of the Southern Cross” with an element of fuzz that gives it a dirty sound.

Throughout Slaves of the Shadow Realm, Legion of the Damned‘s arrangements bear a close resemblance to the structure of the death metal of the ’90s and yet the instrumentation trods the speed metal path in a Motorhead vein. It’s perfect for old school thrashers.

Slaves of the Shadow Realm is out now on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

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