Ahhhh … let’s roll in 2014 with a slab of  Netherlands-spawned thrash metal from Legion of the Damned.  LOTD, as they will be know as in the rest of this review, have been around the scene in one form or another since 1992, playing as Occult until 2005, and they are not afraid to show their thrash roots, and, sometimes to a fault, their inspirations.  You can hear old Slayer, Destruction, and Kreator all over Ravenous Plague.  The album is chock full of riffs and blistering drums, but the songs do tend to blend together, especially the last few songs.

But Ravenous Plague does not disappoint entirely; the album is heavy, especially songs like “Black Baron,” “Howling for Armageddon,” “Summon All Hate,” “Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon” and my personal favorite, “Doom Priest,” with its “Seasons in the Abyss” feel to it.  “Summon All Hate” is a classic metal riff with a shouting chorus that will be at home in any concert setting.

All in all, Ravenous Plague is a cool thrash album featuring some quality material.  Legion of the Damned just need to change things up a bit.

Ravenous Plague is out now on Napalm Records.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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