Legend Of The Seagullmen: “Legend Of The Seagullmen” Album Review


Legend Of The Seagullmen: “Legend Of The Seagullmen” Album Review

Legend of the Seagullmen should be alternately titled Legend of the Supermen, because they tear it up!

Right off the bat you are hit by a flowing epic guitar experience with a catchy chorus that never leaves your brain, burying itself like the earworm I believe it was written to be. “The Fogger” is the creepy song that will haunt you long after you turn off the stereo. “Shipswreck” has a roiling, angry tempo that keeps you entranced until the solo smacks you in the face with an oar – awesome stuff. “Curse of the Red Tide” is one of those songs that you will sing together with a bunch of mates over several pints as loud as you can sing. “The Ballad of the Deep sea Diver” can be described as a spooky, spaghetti western sea chanty that warns you what could happen if you make the same mistakes as the deep sea diver in the song. The standout track is “Rise of the Giant.” It has the sound of all the bands that these guys belong to (Brent Hinds from Mastodon, Danny Carey from Tool, and Dethklok’s Pete Griffin are in the fray), and the songs present selves this way while telling a cool story.

All said and done, you can’t go wrong Legend of the Seagullmen‘s debut. You’ll put it in your player and there it’ll stay, possibly on repeat. I know it is with me.

Legend of the Seagullmen is out now on Dine Alone Records. Buy it here!