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Leach: “Hymns For The Hollow” Album Review


Leach: “Hymns For The Hollow” Album Review

Leach are more than a thrash n’ roll band. They are a brotherhood of childhood friends performing with passion that is tight and with an edge that hints at hardcore and punk. Formed in 2003 and originating from Sweden, the men of Leach previously released a full-length album in 2012, entitled Blindfold, and an EP in 2014 called Above All. Their upcoming release is Hymns for the Hollow, and it features 11 songs that deliver both spirit and a bite.

Of note especially on Hymns for the Hollow’s tracks are the frenetic almost palpable energy felt behind the vocal work of Markus. Cured well with the fretwork of Jamie, there’s a punk/rock n’ roll nature that hearkens back to the ’90s with acts such as Torment or Gehenna with a great big dose of hardcore from Hatebreed and Terror. Songs such as “New Low” and “Pragmatic Youth” have something that sounds young and careless but and a maturity that allows Leach to achieve a nice little level of creativity. “Free From All” and the title track have a raw chug and charge necessary for its unchained sound.

Hymns for the Hollow is truly excellent territory to be trodding.

Hymns for the Hollow is out January 18. Buy it here!

Leach - Hymns for the Hollow - Promo

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