Lamb Of God: “Lamb Of God” Album Review


Lamb Of God: “Lamb Of God” Album Review

Randy Blythe opens Lamb of God‘s eponymous release with plain sung vocals, introducing “Momento Mori” delicately, only to pop the cork on this beast of a song with his trademark raspy wail. It is a fitting opening salvo for the band’s eighth release and first to hit the streets in five years.

Lamb of God is a summation of their sound. It is as emotive as it is crushing, and Blythe leads his band of brothers through a powerhouse workout of 10 beer-crushing anthems. Staccato riffage powers “Gears,” and “New Colossal Hate” puts drummer Art Cruz front and center on an album that marks his studio debut. Hatebread’s Jamey Jasta joins the fray amid the stun-gun riffs of “Poison Dream,” and Testament’s Chuck Billy fortifies the chorus with a vocal performance on “Routes.” 

If Lamb of God’s self-titled release is a full realization of the band’s sound, it is also a testament to the state of metal today. Things are healthy, to say the least.

Lamb of God is out May 8 on Epic Records. Pre-order it here!

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