The mighty Lamb Of God will be releasing their long awaited film, “As The Palaces Burn,” worldwide on February 27th. What starts out as a documentary on the band’s rise to fame, the deep connection with their fans around the world, and the beginning of the “Resolution” touring cycle, quickly turns at a dramatic moment in the film when the band is escorted off the plane in Prague, and their future in music is left uncertain. What follows is a powerful journey through Randy Blythe‘s case, which includes not only testimony from fans and Randy himself, but you finally get to hear what the band was going through at that time. This film was not meant to be about the band in the beginning, but as the picture ends, you’ve never felt more close to the group. We all see these five guys as Gods on stage and forget that they are still human beings, but this reminds you of that fact, and makes you appreciate them even more.

As the film begins, you are in Virginia with Randy at one of his favorite spots to think. Right away you get a glimpse of the man who calls himself a “dirtbag down by the river” without music, and realize that this is not the same man we have seen in previous Lamb Of God documentaries. He is clear headed, truly appreciating everything, and more humble than I can ever remember. As he joins his band in the small jam space, there seems to be a new energy within the group and they were set to rule 2013 in a massive way. They speak on the change in Randy, and even show some Lamb Of God tapes and photos that have never seen the light of day until now. You truly get to see how far they’ve come, and that their appreciation for it all has never left.

l1The next twenty minutes includes two die hard fans from two very different countries, but the one thing that they share is the love for heavy metal, and especially Lamb Of God. Oscar from Colombia speaks on heavy metal being the only thing that he understands in life, and although she is looked down upon in her society, Pratika from India still wears her Lamb Of God shirts proudly and is almost in tears as she heads to their concert. This is the initial idea for the film, as it opens your eyes to the power of our music, and the dedication that it brings out of people, no matter where they are from. As the band left India and headed to Europe, they mention that it was their best European trip ever. Everyone was at their best. They all got a long and were enjoying themselves, and then they landed in Prague.

The film takes a quick turn from about the fans to the legends in the band. Just hearing that they left the plane together, and armed guards were waiting on them, is just chilling for any fan to hear. Hearing their point of view is, not only eye opening, but leaves you feeling helpless, even though you already know the outcome. Just hearing Mark say, “they kept him,” is enough to make you want to turn it off, but you can not. There is so much we never knew, and a lot of it comes to life in this film. Just as we were here in the States when we heard that Randy was a suspect in the manslaughter case, the band members were even more confused, but it became real very fast. It’s almost gut wrenching to watch them speak on their friend in jail in another country, and see how truly helpless they were.

After thirty eight days in prison, Randy was released and the home coming is one of my favorite moments of the picture. This band has been through hell and back over the years with each other, but the love they share is more evident than ever when he comes down the stairs. Tears are flowing, hugs are everywhere, and it’s truly a powerful moment to see them come together in such a way after an ordeal. As we all know, the story doesn’t end there, because Randy decides that he will go back to stand trial.

r1As Randy mentions at the end of the film, he felt it was the right thing to do to go back. He speaks on his values and beliefs, and what kind of man he would be if he didn’t actually follow them, and my respect for the front man is at an all time high. Most would stay behind, but he chose not to, and one of the main reasons was out of respect for the family of Daniel Nosek. The whole trail process is captured, and it was a lot more complicated than we all thought. From Randy having to write an opening statement that was an hour long, to hearing testimony from fans and Daniel‘s family, it’s an emotional roller coaster that is captured perfectly in this film.

The moment that will stand out for all of us is when he is found not guilty on all charges, because it’s beyond intense. Randy‘s face is full of relief, but also sorrow for Daniel‘s family, and even though he was cleared of all charges, he knew that the family was still left without a son and handled himself like the honorable man he is. As he returns home, you see the band’s rebirth and see them re-energized for the new year, and it’s just an awesome scene. When it’s all said and done, Randy simply states “I’m just a dude trying to live my life the best way I can,” and he couldn’t have done a better job of that during this whole situation. Thankfully for this film, we all get to see it for our own eyes, and you will be touched in some way.

As The Palaces Burn” is obviously a film for any Lamb Of God fan, but one that I can see anyone being a fan of. It shows the power of music around the world, the humility of one man with what seems like the whole world against him, and that no matter what country you live in or visit, being true to yourself is the most important thing. Randy Blythe admits in the film that he is not proud of some of the things he has done, but doesn’t regret them because of who he is today. After watching this film, Randy has become one of the finest human beings on the planet, and with his band mates behind him, Lamb Of God looks stronger than ever! This is definitely a MUST SEE!

For showings in your area and more details, head to AsThePalacesBurn.Com!

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