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Lamb Of God: “As The Palaces Burn” DVD Release Date Announced!


Lamb Of God: “As The Palaces Burn” DVD Release Date Announced!

Back in February, the highly anticipated documentary surrounding Lamb Of God was released, and it did not disappoint. As you ready in my review, “As The Palaces Burn” is a powerful film that starts as a documentary on the band’s rise to fame, the deep connection with their fans around the world, and the beginning of the “Resolution” touring cycle, but it quickly turns at a dramatic moment in the film when the band is escorted off the plane in Prague, and their future in music is left uncertain. What follows is a powerful journey through Randy Blythe‘s case, which includes not only testimony from fans and Randy himself, but you finally get to hear what the band was going through at that time. This film was not meant to be about the band in the beginning, but as the picture ends, you’ve never felt more close to the group.

It’s been “On Demand” for several weeks now, but we finally know when it’s coming on DVD! “As The Palaces Burn” will be released on October 14th via Epic Records. Check out what all you can expect below!

Disc 1
1. Program Start
2. Opening Titles
3. Practice Space
4. Leaving for tour
5. South America
6. Israel
7. India
8. Landing in Prague
9. The case against Randy
10. Free Randy
11. Welcome Home
12. Return to Prague
13. The Trial
14. Closing remarks
15. Back in Richmond
16. Credits

Disc 2
1. Chris Visits Philly
2. Randy Skateboarding
3. Randy on Longevity
4. Randy at Memorial
5. Jose Mangin sing with Lamb of God
6. John shooting stuff
7. John in his shed
8. Jose – Caracas character profile
9. Matt from Napa character profile
10. Feras & Gil character profiles
11. Randy in Caracas
12. Randy souvenirs
13. Pratika sings
14. India extended
15. Pratika Indian women
16. Pratika call center
17. India day of show
18. Israel violence
19. Exploring in Jerusalem
20. Fundraising extended
21. Prague lawyers extended
22. Chris in Prague
23. Randy post verdict interview
24. The Devil is the Details – Randy’s short film
25. Slash full interview
26. Oderus Urungus full interview
27. Dave Brockie full interview
28. Original teaser
29. Desolation music video

I said it before and I’ll say it again….THIS IS A MUST BUY! Pre-order your copy right here, right now!