Lagerstein: “25/7” Album Review

Up next in the SkullsnBones/Steel Panther “Battle of the Bands” is an Australian band, Lagerstein. The fact that this is an Aussie band almost ensures that they’re going to be fun but it gets better … Lagerstein play Pirate Metal! Yes, in case you were not aware, there is actually a pirate genre in hard rock. That’s right. Imagine Captain Jack Sparrow fronting Iron Maiden and you get the gist.

With their album, 25/7, Lagerstein have crafted a set of songs that should be listened to on a warm sunny beach surrounded by topless native girls swilling down bottles of rum and headbanging the night away. Fun is an understatement when it comes to this band and album. They literally have a track, “Shoey Song,” about imbibing your favorite alcohol from your shoe. And, I shit you not, the video is loaded with fans guzzling cocktails directly from their footwear! This is definitely not for the weak of heart or stomach – trust me. Along with this song, the title track and others like “Wench My Thirst” and “Pina Colada Paradise” this is without a doubt the hard rock album of the summer.

Band members Captain Gregarggh, The Majestic Beast, Neil Rummy Rackers, Mother Junkst, Jacob, The Fiercest Pirate in all the Caribbean, Lucky the Great and Rusty Timbers are not only splendid musicians, but they are damned crafty songwriters to boot. Granted pirate metal might not be everyone’s flagon of rum, but for originality alone, these swashbuckling bastards deserve a listen from you. I really hope that they eventually get the chance to travel the world because I want to see these guys live.

Hoist the sail, set sail for the sunset and throw up the Jolly Roger and devil horns for the bombastic buccaneers of Lagerstein.

25/7 is out August 23 on Kegstand Records. Pre-order it here!

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Lagerstein - 25_7 - Promo

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