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Laceration: “Remnants” Album Review


Laceration: “Remnants” Album Review

Laceration are bringing the old school thrash/death metal sound to the forefront with Remnants. It features their earliest recordings culled from a demo mixed with a split done in 2013 with Tinnitus. Featuring excellent production and high energy, Remnants is a splattering of mayhem.

Reminiscent of early Slayer/Testament, “Realms of the Unconscious” delivers the furious old school energy of the genre. Laceration have an electrical creativity that crackles within their tornado of cunning riffs and rhythms. If you remove the vocals, it is almost a rhythm of a fierce, blood-drenched battle. There is a seamless melding of atmosphere and primal aggression. Luke’s vocals have classic unbridled ferocity. Check out “Exhausted in Form.”

Although there is nothing brand new or standout here, Remnants is an album whereby each song punches full-force like a fueled mosh pit every time. There is a crisp unrelenting thrash ethic here.

Remnants is out February 8 on Unspeakable Axe Records. Buy it here!

Laceration - Remnants - Promo

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