Kuar Nhial: “Kuar Nhial” Album Review

Belgium’s Kuar Nhial deliver a sonic mix of black and post metal on their self-titled debut. The musicians are Wouter Duprez (guitarist), Mathlovsky (drummer/vocalist) and Niels Brown (bassist/vocalist), and the album was mixed and recorded at Much Luv Studio and mastered at Go To Eleven.

The four tracks are sinister and dark-natured, including “Corvus,” “Nonam,” “Spiraal” and “Lamantate.” It is a short, punchy album that can be interpreted as both achingly sad and unrelentingly driven. It is also both contemplative and manic. Each emotion bleeds seamlessly into the next, delivering the listener from lows to highs and back again. With an abrasive guitar sound, zealous rhythmic patterns and throat-peeling shrieks, Kuar Nhial capture what is resplendent with black metal. What may need to be polished a little bit is the vocal work, because for me, it didn’t quite flow along smoothly. Otherwise, Kuar Nhial stand as a good example of keeping the black metal hunger alive.

Kuar Nhial is out now on Consouling Sounds. Buy it here!

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Kuar Nhial - Promo Photo - 2018

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