Kronos: “Arisen New Era” Album Review by Basti!

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Remember Kronos? Don’t worry, you will.

As a long-established pillar of the genre, their music has always been slightly reserved for tech-death connoisseurs. But with the arrival of Arisen New Era, don’t be surprised if they start dethroning the big dogs for a place on Mount Olympus.

Even though they may be pandering to the masses (i.e., those who take their death metal with pristine production and epic CGI album covers), Kronos just about make it their own. With endless riff salads and technicality dominating the thrash influences this time around, the guitars are made to shine through the mix while still crushing skulls whenever it’s needed and the bass has plenty of room to be heard. Seriously, listen to it; on songs like “Hellysium” there’s some seriously tasty stuff going on in the low frequencies. The drums are slightly more cerebral than the usual barrage of blast beats … but yeah, they are still a barrage of blast beats. And, finally, the vocals sound like Cerberus himself barking from the very depth of Hades (although I’m fairly sure they’re mostly double – not triple – tracked. Aw … oh well).

The general musicality mades Arisen New Era an interesting album to listen to throughout. Coming in at just under 37 minutes, you certainly can’t say Kronos are overstaying their welcome. Keeping it short and sweet is a good call. A nice little bonus is the classical guitar outro on “Aeons Titan Crown,” something that is almost blissful to hear in the midst of such an unrelenting auditory pounding.

All in all Arisen New Era is a perfect marriage of brutality, technicality and musicality. Kronos clearly did well to draw inspiration from Greek mythology, as it’s obviously an endless source of poetic brutality. They have moved forward with the times while holding onto their own identity, and they have made it extremely clear who’s boss.

Give these guys their own Pantheon.

Arisen New Era is out now on Unique Leader Records. Buy it here!

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