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Krisiun: “Forged In Fury” Album Review by Jason Z!


Krisiun: “Forged In Fury” Album Review by Jason Z!

Brazil’s Krisiun have managed to maintain a melancholy mix of death, tech and thrash metal for more than two decades. Their ability to combine these genres into a brutal storm is second to none. Brothers Moyses (guitars) and Max Kolesne (drums), along with Alex Camargo (vocals, bass), take plague-infused metal to hell and back and are still going strong. Simply stated, Krisiun play no-frills, in-your-face death metal that shows no mercy both in their recordings and their live shows.

“Scars Of The Hatred” lashes out at you, and you immediately feel a familiarity. You can definitely identify Krisiun, new or old! The blast beats are there, and when mixed with razor-sharp riffs and Alex’s guttural vocals, you have a perfect combination. “Ways of Barbarism” is both pummeling and evil, and  the technicality and musicianship exhibited here are impeccable. “Dogma Of Submission” is a furious flurry of riffs and drums, and producer Erik Rutan does an amazing job keeping everything not only in order but sounding pristine. The mix is perfect. “Strength Forged Fury” has an almost tribal feel to it, and Max’s abilities on drums are absolutely stunning. “Oracle of the Ungod” and “Burning of the Heretic” bring an old school feel, while “Timeless Starvation,” the last full song, is epic and defines Krisiun in just under six minutes.

While Krisiun aren’t breaking any molds, they remain consistent in their ability to create brutal, technical death metal.  Their legacy is well-known, and Forged in Fury will continue to raise the chalice for South American death metal.

Forged In Fury is out August 7 on Century Media Records. Pre-order it here!

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Krisiun - Forged in Fury