Kreator need no introduction here. Their contributions to the thrash genre over the last 30-plus years are remarkable, and they leave nothing to be desired. Pleasure To Kill established the German titans as leaders of the European thrash revolution and contenders for world domination. Miland “Mille” Petrozza’s unmistakable, bark-like vocals amid razor-sharp, melodic guitars, and staccato, warlike, tribal sounding drums, contribute to the Teutonic sound only Kreator can create. Gods Of Violence is their 14th studio release, and they bring their angry, punk-infused thrash to the forefront of 2017, and it will no doubt be among the year’s best releases!

After a brief, power-metal-like intro, entitled “Apocalypticon,” “World War Now” bursts forth in familiar Kreator style. Its ferocious riffs, combined with the harmony in the twin guitars, really smack you in the face! “Satan Is Real” continues the pummeling in grand fashion. The band really are firing on all cylinders here and deliver another crushing example of their trademark thrash. “Totalitarian Terror” picks up the pace and goes straight for the jugular. This is true Kreator! The title track begins with a haunting, acoustic intro, and then grabs you by the throat, screaming “We shall kill!” The guitar work is nothing short of stellar, and the song has an epic metal feel throughout. “Hail To The Hordes” has an almost Iron Maiden, and the chorus is catchy and the hooks are memorable. “Lion with Eagle Wings” brings back that more traditional thrash sound. Petrozza’s vocals are fierce and sharp. “Death Becomes My Light” takes you on a haunting, melodic adventure in galloping fierce thrash metal.

Kreator prove once again that they are the number one thrash band from Germany with Gods of Violence. They hold nothing back here and leave nothing to be desired. This album will please the old and new fans alike.

Gods of Violence is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!


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