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Today’s post bring us back to 1981 to the ninth studio album by KISS titled Music From “The Elder”. This was the last album to mark the appearance of guitarist Ace Frehely and the first time that  KISS did not tour to support the album.

KISS made a handful of public appearances to promote the album including an appearance on the late-night variety show called Fridays (performing “A World Without Heroes”, “I” and “The Oath”), on Solid Gold (performing “A World Without Heroes” where you can actually see a tear run down Gene’s face in the video and “I”), and a lip synched performance of “I” from Studio 54 broadcast via satellite to the Sanremo Festival in Italy.  Ace Frehley was absent for the Studio 54 appearance, so KISS performed the song as a trio.

The album’s story involves the recruitment and training of a young hero (Boy) by the Council of Elders who belong to the Order of the Rose, a mysterious group with the sole purpose of fighting evil. The hero is guided by Morpheous, an elderly caretaker who guides the Boy to overcome his doubts and become confident and self assured . The last song on the album “I” contains a passage in which Morpheus declares to the Elders that the Boy is ready to undertake his odessey.

Often I hear differences of opinion from KISS fans about Music from “The Elder”.  Some seem to like it, others think it’s the worst album KISS has ever made and even Gene Simmons and Paul Stanely have admitted they may have not thought this album out thoroughly.

Are you a fan of Music from “The Elder”?