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Kings Destroy: “Self-Titled” Album Review by Jason Z!


Kings Destroy: “Self-Titled” Album Review by Jason Z!

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Kings Destroy, Brooklyn’s monolithic, stoner/doom unit, had a monumental task set before them to follow-up 2013’s A Time of Hunting. The album is nothing short of phenomenal. These guys have the ability to blend an eclectic mix of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains into one monster wall of sound.

Their new, self-titled album is the next logical step up from A Time of Hunting. It’s very organic and earthy at times, and the production is stellar.  No matter what mood you are in, there is a song on here to please you and take you to the next level.

“Smokey Robinson” opens up with a razor-sharp riff, and Steve Murphy‘s vocals are clean and piercing. The song picks up the tempo into a crushing chorus. “Mr. O” brings forth a fuzzy, stoner riff, but the vocals are the highlight here. The more I listen to this album, the more I compare Murphy to Ozzy Osbourne. No, he doesn’t sound a lot like him, but his ability to not only blend in with the instrumentation but pierce each song leads me to this conclusion. “W2” brings more of a Sabbath or Trouble doom feel to it. “Mythomania” slows and brings it down a bit crescendoing into a massive wall of sound before dropping back down. It truly is a thing of beauty. “Green Diamonds” is more upbeat with an early ’70s, crushing feel to it. “Time for War” takes you out of this album on a monumental tone. It’s brutal and deep with a post-metal, Neurosis vibe.

I wholeheartedly recommend this album for fans of heavy music in general. Kings Destroy have created a brutal masterpiece with this release, and you need to hear it!

Kings Destroy is out May 5th on War Crime Recordings. Pre-order it here!

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