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New York City’s Kings Destroy have the ability to meld a few different genres into one giant wall of sound.  At times they sound like a doom band, at other times a stoner band, all the while throwing their hardcore influences into the center of it all.  A Time of Hunting is thick and heavy, mostly due to the excellent production. Vocalist Steve Murphy has a tone all his own, blending with the barrage of guitars from Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski of Killing Time fame.

Kings Destroy have a heavy Black Sabbath and Trouble influence, and it’s not hard to hear on A Time of Hunting. But they also have the ability to twist that sound into their own and make it relevant and modern.  The eight songs on the album fit perfectly together isn’t any filler.

“Storm Break” starts the album off with a thick and chunky riff, and  Murphy accentuates emotion in his voice.  “The Toe” is up next, and I immediately thought of Jerry Cantrell when I first heard the opening riff.  The song continues, slow and churning, in very much an Alice In Chains fashion.  The vocal harmonies are haunting.

My favorites here are the title track and “Blood of Recompense.” If th former doesn’t bring you back to the first Sabbath album, nothing will.  It’s slow and heavy, with a catchy chorus.  The latter is a mid-tempo, riff-heavy song.  Murphy’s voice once again shines here. The outro, “Turul,” is dark and slow, again reflecting a heavy Sabbath influence, and forming the perfect album closer.

Kings Destroy deserve much more attention than they are currently getting.  They have the talent and ability to be one of the best in this genre.

A Time of Hunting is out now on War Crime Records.

Rating: 5/5 stars