King Witch: “Under The Mountain” Album review


King Witch: “Under The Mountain” Album review

Out of Edinburgh, Scotland comes this release from King Witch, Under the Mountain, and it is a monster. This be some old school, kick ass, heavy-as-fuck metal, boys and girls. Big sound, rabid riffs, and vicious vocals; this is the whole kit and caboodle.

Frontwoman Laura Donnelly is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to singers. She’s a beast, dare I say a female Ronnie James Dio. Imagine Doro with balls. Is this coming off as sexist? Oh, well. Suck it, monkeys! I’ve been digging this record for the last few weeks and it just keeps getting better. King Witch need to get out touring with a major act for people to see them and appreciate what they can do. Stand out out tracks are “Carnal Sacrifice,” “Black Dog Blues,” “Hunger,” and the title track.

Seeing them live is a must. If Under the Mountain is any indicate,  because  it’s going to be spectacular.

Under the Mountain is out February 9 on Listenable Records. Buy it here!

King Witch - Promo - 2018