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King Parrot: “Dead Set” Album Review by Jason Z!


King Parrot: “Dead Set” Album Review by Jason Z!


Holy shit! Holy shit, I said! King Parrot are a force to be reckoned with, and with the upcoming release of their new album, Dead Set, they are poised to overtake the grindcore world. I will attempt, and this is only an attempt, to lay down what I hear on Dead Set. It combines Iron Reagan‘s crossover-punk blasts, the grind and songwriting of Napalm Death, the ferociousness of The Dillinger Escape Plan and some old-school Slayer mixed in for a thrash effect. To top all of that off, you have the legendary Phil Anselmo as producer on an album for his Housecore Records label who recorded it at his own Nodferatu’s Lair Studio. This is a formula for some fucking seriously heavy metal! King Parrot, from what I’ve gathered, also put on one of the most intense live shows on the road today. The only question that I have, though, is whether or not the world is ready for this storm of ferocious intensity. I believe that we are.

Anthem of the Advanced Sinner” breaks this tidal wave open with a vengeance. It’s fast, furious and brutal. I will admit it took me a minute to process Matt Young‘s high-pitched barking, but it only adds to the fury. “Need No Saviour” is a bit more mechanical in feeling, but it is no less frantic. It has a more thrash feel than the first song, and the last minute is absolutely epic. “Hell Comes Your Way” is an all-out lesson in brutality, and the depth and purity of the production are absolutely brilliant. “Like a Rat” has a bit more of a hardcore feel, and “Home is Where The Gutter Is” brings out the best in this band. It encompasses everything they do and do well. If you don’t headbang to this, you need to join a country band! It is absolutely my favorite track here.

One of the other things I love about King Parrot is that they don’t take themselves to serious. Their videos for “Like A Rat” (which features a cameo from Anselmo) and “Home is Where the Gutter Is” are hilarious. If you consider yourself a metal fan, you need to own Dead Set!

Dead Set is out May 19 on Housecore Records. Pre-order it here!

King Parrot - Dead Set