The awesome King Of Asgard has just released their new video for “The Nine Worlds Burn” and we have it for you here! This track comes off their new album, “…To North”, which will be hitting stores on July 31st! Here is what the band said about the video, “Why look further, when one is surrounded by great artists? Again, King Of Asgard teamed up with the ‘Einhärjar’ video creator, Rickard Monéus and the 1897 crew including Andreas Edelönn. The production set up took place in the depths of a forest close to King Of Asgard’s rehearsal lair. A late night in May – dusk and burdened raindrops. Perfect conditions for creating works of ruin. Searching to reflect the mythological end-of-this-world theme of ‘The Nine Worlds Burn’, Rickard and Andreas produced a video full of ritualistic and apocalyptic visuals that perfectly enhance the song’s sense of dread and destruction. A result we are all proud to present. That depict and burn the crust of the earth!” BANG YOUR HEAD! THIS BAND IS SICK!!!

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