King Goat: "Conduit" Album Review By Megan!

Let’s just cut to the chase. Conduit is probably the finest piece of work that we’ve received from UK-based doom five-piece King Goat. That’s certainly saying something if we consider that the last two EPs received huge praise across the board. This time around, though, it feels like they have found their feet and centred their energy on the 40 minutes of dark, doom-drenched material stretched across five tracks.

The opening track, “Flight Of The Deviants,” can only really be described as a doom epic. It is slow-paced, miserable, bluesy and doom-ridden to the core. Trim’s vocals fit perfectly, bringing a classical, almost operatic, feel while soaring above the rather sombre instrumentation. On the flip-side, when this powerhouse of a vocalist isn’t singing clean and switches to rough growls or piercing screams, it all still works without seeming corny or try-hard.

The monstrous title track is perhaps the most memorable offering on the album with it’s killer opening riff, enthralling Eastern-tinges and haunting choir passages. It’s a fine example of an utterly incredible doom track. That said, “Revenants” is a masterpiece in itself with its multiple layers and variations of tempo and vocal delivery.

Every track on Conduit is packed with substance and feeling. There’s very little empty space and few wasted moments within the songs. Although many doom bands fall into the trap of becoming samey, King Goat are actually, well, interesting. Pop this album on with headphones, and prepare to get transported to another world.

Conduit is self-released and is out now. Buy it here!

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