King Diamond Live Photos from The Worcester Palladium 2019


King Diamond Live Photos from The Worcester Palladium 2019

When you think dark, evil, theatrical, and legendary, King Diamond is likely the first thing to come to your mind (if not, you’re probably living on another planet). I’ve only had the opportunity to see him live once before, and that was 14 years ago, so I was admittedly very excited for this show.

The stage set alone was INCREDIBLE, 3 tiers tall with the drum set on the 2nd level. The entire set was based around an institution theme, and was very detailed. When King came out on stage, he was laid on a stretcher, appearing almost lifeless. Once he got up, grabbed his microphone with his signature crossed bones for a handle, the night roared to life. Andy LaRocque and Mike Wead lead the charge, with some of the most impressive tandem guitar work I’ve ever heard.

They played through the first half of the set, and after “Voodoo“, King introduced the audience to the band. After they finished The Lake, they paused for a minute to regroup before the encore. The encore consisted of two songs, “Burn“, and “Black Horsemen“, the latter of the two was dedicated to the late Timi Hansen.

The entire set list was a fan service, playing some of his greatest songs from throughout the years.

Set list from 11/8/19

St. Lucifer’s Hospital (intro)
The Candle
Behind These Walls
A Mansion in Darkness
Let It Be Done
Masquerade of Madness
Out from the Asylum
Welcome Home
The Invisible Guests
Sleepless Nights
The Lake

Black Horsemen (dedicated to Timi Hansen)
Something Weird (outro)