Earlier this year we received the amazing news that King Diamond would be returning to North America, and the wait is finally over! The heavy metal icon kicked off his latest tour at Center Stage in Atlanta this weekend, and from the eight thousand texts I received that night, the legend put on one of the best shows ever! The band brought over the full European festival stage, an amazing set list, and pretty much left everyone in the audience speechless! For a full review, head over to our friends at The Great Southern Brainfart!

To get you excited for the rest of the run, we have the set list and footage from the Atlanta gig for you below! I can’t wait for this TOMORROW night in New York!

Set list: “The Candle”, “Sleepless Nights”, “Welcome Home”, “Never Ending Hill”, “Let It Be Done”, “The Puppet Master”, “At the Graves”, “Tea / Digging Graves / A Visit from the Dead”, “Evil”, “Come to the Sabbath”, “Shapes of Black”, “Eye of the Witch”, “Cremation”, “The Family Ghost”, “Black Horsemen”

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