King Diamond To Begin Work On A New Record After The Mayhem Festival!


The legendary King Diamond is currently putting on his magical show across the States on the 2015 Mayhem Festival, and it seems like there are big plans in store once this tour ends! After the success of his 2014 tour, and the love he’s received so far in 2015, he has revealed in a new interview that new material is coming our way!

Here’s what the icon said: “We were planning our own tour for this autumn, and suddenly we got the offer of doing the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. And it kind of put a stop to the… ‘Cause my home studio is ready now to go, but this tour is very important to do. So we don’t wanna be rushed with writing a new album anyway. So we are gonna take our time, and it’s gonna be the best you’ve ever heard from us — there’s no doubt in my mind — ’cause we have all the tools at our fingertips this time. But it has put, you can say, the brakes on starting that process, so we’ll pick it up when Mayhem is done. But it’s always great to come off a tour and then start writing, ’cause you are very, very inspired. I am, certainly.

Wow! The King sounds confident, and just hearing him say “it’s gonna be the best you’ve ever heard from us” is beyond exciting! It almost makes me want the Mayhem Festival to end already so they can start on the new record, but it hasn’t come my way yet, so patience Mark. Patience! Stay tuned!

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