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King Buffalo: "Orion" Album Review

Darkness is hiding!

King Buffalo: "Orion" Album Review

It’s obvious that 75 percent of the heavy music world makes it a job to demonstrate their darkness via their lyrics, images and imagery. But it’s the other 25 percent who are subtler, tucking dark themes into the nooks and crannies of their compositions, who prove to be the most dangerous.

King Buffalo are no strangers to darkness, and they paint their debut, Orion, in hues of gray and black through undercurrents of feral energy and isolating delivery. It emerges in fuzzy swaths of sound, reverberates in wiry guitars, and echoes in the weathered vocal range of Sean McVay. And while these traits emerge throughout the album, they are are fully captured when King Buffalo crank up the pace to a beast-like gallop on the album-closing epic “Drinking from the River Rising.”

There are no blast beats on Orion, nor or their other accoutrements that are standard to modern metal. Even categorizing this album – or King Buffalo as a band – as metal is admittedly questionable. What is undeniable is the heavy, heady darkness that imbues the album’s nine tracks. It is brilliantly understated, making it all the more intense.

Orion is self-released and out now. Buy it here!

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