Kevin Bond Dishes On Superjoint’s “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application” In New Interview

Guitar rock god. Heavy metal icon. Baker of fine pastries

Kevin Bond Dishes On Superjoint’s “Caught Up In The Gears Of Application” In New Interview

I have shown nothing but love for the latest release from Superjoint, Caught Up In the Gears of Application, which was released in November on Housecore Records, so when I had the chance to talk with guitarist Kevin Bond and discuss the new record and what’s up with the band, I didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance. Along with the great Jimmy Bower, Bond has been an integral part of the double guitar attack of Superjoint.

And, the man is as much of a real, regular Joe as you would imagine. This was easily one the coolest, most enjoyable interviews I have ever done. Not to mention, it turns out we’re almost neighbors here in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Wait a second! 504? Where do you live in town?
(Laughing) Damned, brother! I’m in (redacted).

Get the fuck out! Small world, huh?
Yeah, no kidding.

So, nothing but universal love from the fans and the media for the new album.
It’s really cool to hear that. Truly. You work hard on something like an album, then put it out there and hope people like it.

Well, they certainly are digging it. There are no bigger internet trolls than music geeks, so if they don’t like something, they’re the first to start posting about it.
(Laughing) No shit, huh.

So, let me ask where the title of the album comes from, Caught Up In the Gears of Application.
Actually, you’d have to ask Phil (Anselmo) that. The name came from out of his head. You know the same place our lyrics come from. All in Phil’s “upstairs.”

The feeling I get from the album, and Phil has mentioned it himself, is that the album deals with technology pretty much taking over people’s lives and in a way “dehumanizing” us.
Exactly! It’s like the other night I was out to dinner and looked at the table next to us and all five people sitting there were on their cellphones not even looking at one another or interacting. I think that you are seeing that more and more these days.

How’s it feel to be making music with these guys again?
It’s fucking amazing! Jimmy is a monster on guitar, and what can you say about Phil? He’s still one of the best frontmen in music today.

Plus, you have the new young blood rhythm section of Jose Gonzalez on drums and Stephen Taylor playing bass.
I’ve known Joey (Jose) for years and think he’s simply amazing and really nice guy overall. Stephen can definitely hold his own when he’s on the porch with the big dogs, as it were.

So far just one date scheduled live, and that was at the gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas, Texas. Plans for taking this out on the road?
Definitely! It’s just the usual matter of getting everybody’s schedules lined up with available dates. So, hopefully we’ll be out after the first of the year.

Speaking of getting your schedules in sync, I know you had to reschedule our chat because you had to go to work. Like a real job?
(Laughing) Absolutely, brother! I have a real job. I’m a pastry chef and love what I do.

And, in between croissants and beignets, you play guitar in one of the heaviest bands in ‘Murica!
You know it!

Kevin Bond. Guitar rock god. Heavy metal icon. Baker of fine pastries. The man is a triple threat all the way around. Caught Up In the Gears of Application … buy it. Superjoint … go see themAnd if you are in the New Orleans area the weekend of February 3-5, see the band blow it out in support of Eyehategod‘s Mike IX Williams during the IX Lives IX Lives For The Sick Benefit. For more information and tickets, click here!