The almighty Slayer wrapped up their huge U.S. tour with Gojira and 4ARM last month, and now it’s time to set sights on the next record! We’ve heard little things here and there about the new material, but thanks to a new interview by Metal Hammer with Kerry King, we now know more! Here’s what the metal legend said on the new songs: “I’ve got assloads of songs! I mean, I’m more prepared than I’ve been before any record, working on this material for of three years. Me and Paul have demoed 11 songs. I’m sitting on 14 or 15 songs and I’ve got seven complete with lyrics already. I’m in great shape! I’ve got a surprising amount of heavy stuff for me. I do tend to lean on the fast side, but I have some exceptionally heavy tunes, Like, ‘Wow, man, where did that come from?’ I expect my stuff to be angry and fast, but it’s all over the map. I’m stoked. We’ll have enough so we can pick great stuff whether we use any of Jeff’s material or not. It should add up to as good a record as we can hope for with one of our original songwriters being gone. In a perfect world, which is never what happens in SLAYER, me and Paul plan on continuing to play to keep our chops up, and if we can get everybody on board, I want to start in January and have a record out before the summer. I’m very stoked about the stuff we’re gonna be putting out.

So if we live in a perfect world, which we obviously don’t, we would have a new Slayer record by next summer. How about we get all the important people together and tell them to get along for a few months, so this can actually happen! Either way you look at what he said, two things are for sure. New material is in the works and it’s going to be heavy and fast. In other words, it’s going to be Slayer. HELL YES!


Via Metal Hammer

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