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When the name of your album is Blight, you can pretty much assume this is not going to be uplifting and happy with songs about puppies, unicorns, and ice cream cones. Germany’s Kavrila certainly prove this with their new album, obviously, entitled Blight.

No molds are broken on this album. You get pretty much what you would expect: heavy, hard-hitting, darkly orchestrated songs that assail the listener with angry lyrics and musicality that is pretty well-executed, bombastic brutality. I have to admit, while it’s not my fave genre of metal, I did find myself digging this record and nodding my head along with the songs. Kudos for that!

The drumming on Blight is pretty much the strongest and most focal part of these songs. The beats are thunderous and driving, while the guitar interplay highlights and compliments the bottom end of each track. If Kavrila ever shows up in my town, I definitely would want to go to see them live.

Blight is out August 4 on Medusa Crush Recordings/Breathe Plastic Records/Backbite Records. Buy it here!

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