Katatonia Releases "The Fall Of Hearts" Album Trailer And More!

The great Katatonia will be releasing their tenth studio album, “The Fall Of Hearts“, on May 20th via Peaceville. What can we expect? The band has released this statement: “This album is probably everything we unknowingly ever dreamed of to release. It’s a bleak but adventurous journey through our elements, we haven’t held back, we have pushed to get forward and backward in the ever spiraling night of our musical legacy.

Today they’ve unveiled the album trailer, and track listing for your viewing pleasure! Check it out below, and get excited, because a new single is coming soon!

The Fall Of Hearts” track listing:
01. Takeover [07:09]
02. Serein [04:46]
03. Old Heart Falls [04:22]
04. Decima [04:46]
05. Sanction [05:07]
06. Residual [06:54]
07. Serac [07:25]
08. Last Song Before The Fade [05:01]
09. Shifts [04:54]
10. The Night Subscriber [06:10]
11. Pale Flag [04:23]
12. Passer [06:25]

Bonus tracks:
* Vakaren [04:54] (CD/DVD & Deluxe Edition)
* Sistere [04:11] (LP & Deluxe Edition)
* Wide Awake In Quietus [04:59] (Digital & Deluxe Edition)



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