The great Katatonia will be releasing their amazing new concert film, “Sanctitude,” on March 31st via Kscope (pre-order it here). As they previously stated, “As a band we set out on uncharted waters, but while apprehensive about the journey ahead, our intentions couldn’t have been more genuine to undertake this beautiful experience. Sailing this project into harbor turned out to be bliss and has ultimately enriched all the members of Katatonia.”

Are you ready for your first glimpse of this “beautiful experience?” I sure as hell am! Thankfully the band has just released the “Day” clip from the upcoming DVD, and you can view it below! Here’s what they added, “We have always felt that if there’s a need, we’re entitled to the freedom to give our old songs a makeover in the now rather than the never. So, in the making of ‘Sanctitude’ there was one song in particular that meant a great deal to us. In fact, it was our first song ever to feature entirely clean vocals accompanied by clean guitars and it was written and released right in the peak of our death metal years. The song stood out, but isolated itself into oblivion in the climate of heavier music. Therefore we wanted this song to get a second chance, to be re-discovered. Even 20 years later when performing it live for the first time, it appears the parks are still grey and look the same.” ENJOY!





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