Katatonia: “City Burials” Album Review


Katatonia: “City Burials” Album Review

Katatonia have a uniquely gloomy sound that they’ve been developing throughout nearly 30 years together. The gothic prog band’s new album, City Burials, boasts the iconic Katatonia sound, but the album is written with new found passion from frontman Jonas Renkse. 

Katatonia’s last album, The Fall Of Hearts, saw a big change in both lineup and sound which brought the band a lot of attention and put them in a career high point. Despite this, they announced that they were going to be taking a break in hopes of accomplishing new things while also trying to see if they could find a new spark for an album.

City Burials is the product of that spark they were looking for, and fans of the band’s last album are sure to love it. The album does an incredible job of capturing this gloomy atmosphere with multiple piano lead songs like “Lachesis” and lyrics throughout the album that will tug at your heart.

The vocals throughout City Burials are definitely the focus of the album, and they are a clear highlight. The vocal melodies and the short, well-placed harmonies in the song “Heart Set To Divide” do a great job of projecting the emotional lyrics. 

While a majority of the songs on City Burials are slower and vocal-centered, it’s nice to have a louder, more instrument-based song like “Behind The Blood” to break it up a bit. I think the album could have benefited from another song like this later on in it as well.

Katatonia do a great job at making a really emotional album with some beautiful vocals and an interesting atmosphere on City Burials.

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