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Karmanjaka: “Seven Names For The Witchqueen” Album Review


Karmanjaka: “Seven Names For The Witchqueen” Album Review

From the beautiful land of Sweden, Karmanjaka recently released Seven Names for the Witchqueen, an album that interlaces black metal with Nordic folk and prog elements.

Seven Names for the Witchqueen features phenomenal classic black metal riffs with decipherable lyrics, as if Amon Amarth paired with Mayhem. The title track is beguiling in all of its darkness, an occult ambiance that walks you to the edge of the dark frozen forests. “De Underjordiska” is wild with sinister riffs and Skallagrim’s vocals are like a hungry wolf. Brutal sections are balanced with a noble atmosphere.

I especially loved “The Clock of Death,”an eerie vibe mixed with the use of doom-influenced passages charged with sentiment; a song sung as if they were from the bards of old. “Vildvittra” is staggering and breathtaking, weaving bewitching folk elements and cascading guitars throughout.

Karmanjaka deliver a grandiose aura mostly due to the emotion, strong production and landscapes of melodies flawlessly presented with each song.

Seven Names of the Witchqueen is out now on Black Lion Productions. Buy it here!

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