It is rare that something can be both incredibly soothing and pastoral yet brutal at the same time. The fifth release from Austria’s Karg, Weltenasche, is able to achieve this. In the same moments that the listener is hypnotized by it’s incredibly lush and gorgeous orchestrations, the vocals assault you with angst and pain that seem to come from a tormented soul.

Karg has many things in common with an album I reviewed here a few months ago, Ghost Bath‘s Moon Lover. What is interesting is that, like Ghost Bath, Karg is a one-man show at it’s core. Where Karg is helmed by J.J., Ghost Bath is the brainchild of Nameless. Ghost Bath hails from North Dakota and Karg from Austria. Is it something in these sometimes cold and bleak environs that inspire music such as this?

Starting off with the 11 minute opus, “Crevasse,” Weltenasche builds it’s sonic landscape across tracks like “Spuren im Schnee” and “Le Couloir des Ombres.” I was immediately caught up in the bombastic “Alles wird in Flammen stehen” with its galloping drums and soaring guitar work.

J.J. is obviously a brilliant composer and artist who would be an interesting choice to produce other artists given his ability to orchestrate big sounds cohesively on an album. When you’re as good as he is at both the soft and tender and the big and heavy, it pretty much makes you a double threat.

Weltenasche is out November 14 on Art of Propaganda. Buy it here!

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