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Kamelot are back with their new album Silverthorn and HearEvil had the chance to catch up with guitarist, Thomas Youngblood on the new album Silverthorn, new singer Tommy Karevik and what’s in store for the future. Check out our interview below:

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to the heavy music social network run by women and directed toward women about all the exciting things going on with Kamelot. You just released your new album Silverthorn this past October. Can you tell us about the concept behind the album?

TY- It is based on the concept of classical tragedy, transferred into the 19th century. A wealthy family experiences a tragic accident, and the events unfold upon that. Jolee is the daughter, killed by one of her brothers. We describe the whole story in a 44-page booklet in the special edition.

This is the first album with new singer Tommy Karevik. Can you tell us about the writing and recording Silverthorn with Tommy?

TY- Oliver Palotai and I wrote about 70 percent of the songs before Tommy was confirmed. He then added a lot of vocal melodies afterwards, and naturally we re-arranged some of the parts around his voice. Tommy wrote most of the vocal melodies, indeed, and the greater part of the lyrics.

Kamelot has been touring throughout the world. How has the tour been going and how fan response been?

TY- The tour are really exceeding our expectations. The fan response and acceptance of the new album and Tommy at the singer spot is really amazing.

For those that have not yet seen Kamelot with Tommy what can fans expect from the live shows? What will the set lists consist of? (old and new songs)

TY- They will see a band that is energized and having a lot fun. Also the crowd interaction now is at a much higher level. The set consists of old songs that fans expect to hear and 4-5 news songs from Silverthorn.

What’s next for Kamelot in 2013?

TY- Returning to North America in the Fall with headliner dates and continuing touring the rest of the World. Also we have plans for a new DVD that will be our biggest show ever.

Who do you consider some of your biggest influences and what band or bands inspire you?

TY- Growing up, even as a little child I was hooked on classical music. I had an LP called Switched on Bach, and its was one of the first Electronic versions of Bach pieces. I also loved Queen, Maiden, Malmsteen and many others.

How important is social media to heavy music today?

TY- I would say its crucial to maintaining and growing your fanbase.

If there’s one thing you want Kamelot to be remembered for, what would it be?

TY- First and foremost a good person and father, then Kamelot can be third 😉

Anything you’d like to say to your fans on

TY- Thanks for the support Kamelot Nation, we are coming to your town soon and we want to meet all of you in person!!

Thank you Thomas for taking the time to speak with us! All the best for 2013 and beyond!

For more on Kamelot, visit their official website here or via their Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter for the latest updates on the band.