Oh, my! We all know King Rhino gets a King Chubster whenever he gets to review a band from his previous stomping grounds … New Jersey, bitches! So, when the latest release from the Garden State’s Kalopsia, Angelplague, hit my earholes, I was happier than Corey Feldman at a Lost Boys convention!

Angelplague is a thrashing machine of such solid riffage and rhythms. It’s an absolute pleasure to experience every played note and every screamed vocal. The production is absolutely top notch. … man, this is a well-recorded album. You can feel the meat in the music. I will definitely have to check out YouTube to see what these guys are like live.

Ain’t going to highlight any particular tracks, because this bad boy stands on it’s own.

Kalopsia … Jersey metal forever!

Angelplague is out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Buy it here!

Kalopsia - Promo


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