The Kahless Clone: “Our Never-Ending Lonliness” EP Review


The Kahless Clone: “Our Never-Ending Lonliness” EP Review

Out of the Windy City of Chicago comes The Kahless Clone with the majestic, spectacular EP, Our Never-Ending Loneliness. And, it has been on repeat in my life for the last two weeks.

Who says dark metal can’t be beautiful? This record delivers on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. The musicianship is simply breathtaking. Song structures ebb and flow in the listener’s ears like a soothing, sonic ocean of rising riffs and slowly receding waves of passionate emotion. The inherent brilliance of an all-instrumental disc is that it allows you to create your own dialogue for the songs. There are no lyrics telling you what to think or feel. It’s up to the listener to make what they will of each song. Featuring Vito Marchese of November’s Doom, The Kahless Clone are a band that fall together like an intricate puzzle of artists that are as great if not greater than the whole.

Our Never-Ending Loneliness stands as a work of art that simply demands to be performed and heard as an aural painting that is absorbed and appreciated in it’s entirety.

Our Never-Ending Loneliness is independently released and out now. Buy it here!

The Kahless Clone - Promo - 2017