KAATO: “Slam!” Album Review


KAATO: “Slam!” Album Review

Are you enjoying our collab with the the bad boys of Steel Panther looking for the creme de la creme of hard rock and metal bands yet undiscovered? I know I am! And, boy oh boy, do I dig what just showed up for me to listen to this week! Meet KAATO and their debut album, Slam!

Yes, KAATO in all caps. Why? Why the fuck not! What do you get when two Aussie musicians with a crotch-burning love for classic rock relocate to Nashville, Tennessee? KAATO, motherfuckers!

Guitarist/vocalist Kurt Lowney and bassist Mika Nuutinen became friends at the Australian Institute of Music and soon discovered they were both into the great sound of rock and roll from the golden years of the ’70s. So, they packed their bags and they headed off to the music mecca of Nashville where they hooked up with lead guitarist Hunter Lovan and drummer Christopher Williams (ACCEPT, Andrew WK) and formed KAATO. Imagine a cross between the Black Crowes and T Rex; glam with hip-swinging balls, killer chops, and badass riffs. It’s a sound that is also heard in bands like The Darkness and Greta Van Fleet these days.

KAATO are one of those bands that you go to see on a Saturday night at your local bar and among four sets of awesome cover songs, they sneak in a few amazing originals that they’ve written in a garage during rehearsals. The whole band has a great stage presence. You will never see a boring KAATO show, trust me. Songs like “Communication,” the title track and “Addicted” are sure radio hits. Personally, I love bands like this, and if you dig great rock and roll, you will, as well.

Slam is out now. Buy it here!

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