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Jupiter Hollow: “Odyssey” Album Review

Imagine the combination of Rush, Tool, Yes!

Jupiter Hollow: “Odyssey” Album Review

Photo by Dave Dickson

I feel gifted to do what I do, particularly discovering a new band that, if the stars and planets align correctly, could one day be huge. With the debut EP Odyssey from Toronto, Canada’s Jupiter Hollow, we could quite possibly be seeing the discovery of a spectacular talent in the progressive music world.

What these two guys accomplish both live and on this five-track album is simply mind blowing. The fact that a duo can write and perform music of this quality at their age simply says the future for Jupiter Hollow could be stellar. Imagine the combination of Rush, Tool, Yes, with a live show that captures everything you could want to experience and see in a performance.

“Deep In Space” is quite possibly the greatest Rush song Geddy Lee never wrote. Sure, the EP is only five songs in length, but I personally can’t help but leave it on autoplay, letting it repeat over and over again. “Over 50 Years” starts off with a guitar noodle that should make Alex Lifeson green with envy. The fact that band members Grant MacKenzie (guitar, bass, synth) and Kenny Parry (vocal, drums, piano, synth) can flip between instruments and sharing vocal duties at the drop of a hat shows that these two have found the perfect foils in each other and share a musical symbiotic relationship that takes some performers years to attain.

I can honestly say that only a week into 2017, I have already pegged this as one of my faves of the year. To know that Odyssey will soon be followed by the full length album, Ahdomn has me salivating for more Jupiter Hollow.

Odyssey is self-released and out now. Buy it here!

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