Judas Priest Guitarist, Richie Faulkner, Shreds On EMGtv!

Ever since he joined the iconic Judas Priest back in 2011, Richie Faulkner has brought a new energy to the group, and it was more evident than ever in 2014. The legendary group released “Redeemer of Souls” to a TON of love from fans all over the world, and then embarked on a massive touring cycle, that is still going on right now! As you read in my review of the Brooklyn gig, and saw through our exclusive photos from Georgia, they are still putting on one of the best live shows around. Rob Halford has said many times that Richie was the perfect guy to step in once K. K. Downing retired, and from all they’ve done in the past three years, he was not lying. There is new life in Judas Priest thanks to Richie, and it absolutely rules!

Richie Faulkner recently took a break from the road to stop by EMGtv studios to show off his ridiculously impressive guitar skills, and the first video was just released! Once you read the description of the video, you will understand how impressive Richie truly is! Check this out: “Richie Faulkner took a break from his touring schedule with Judas Priest to play over some backing tracks written by fellow EMG artist, Andy James (provided by Jam Track Central). Richie came in having never heard the tracks before and showed us why he has the gig with the iconic metal band.” ENJOY THE SHRED!

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