Jucifer: “Song Of The Waking City” Video Released!

Jucifer: "Song Of The Waking City" Video Released!

Jucifer: “Song Of The Waking City” Video Released!

Who’s ready for a new Jucifer video? THIS GUY IS! As we previously revealed, the masterful duo will be releasing their new film, “NOMADS: Built to Destroy“, early next year, and now they’ve unveiled the “Song Of The Waking City” clip from the documentary! Check it out below, and in case you’re wondering more about the upcoming film, here’s the exciting preview: “The pioneering sludge metal duo gives viewers a passenger seat on their endless tour in a new movie format conceptualized by the band, the ‘music video biopic’. Ride along through breathtaking scenery; see inner workings of Jucifer’s infamous White Wall Ov Death; and go behind the scenes of life lived always on the road, with a soundtrack of Jucifer songs curated by the band to accompany your journey. The film consists of footage shot by Jucifer (primarily photographed by drummer Edgar Livengood) and has been edited by guitarist / vocalist Gazelle Amber Valentine to tell the band’s story via an effective marriage between the aesthetics of daily life on tour and Jucifer’s distinctive sound.

For more info on “NOMADS: Built to Destroy“, read Kim Kelly’s interview with Amber over at Noisey!

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