Join The Metal Social Network


Join The Metal Social Network

Welcome To SkullsNBones

SkullsNBones has been around since 2006 in many shapes and forms.  The social network has always been something we were proud to have, but for a while we just couldn’t pull it off the way we wanted.  From features that weren’t working the way we wanted, to a web platform that didn’t fit the needs of our site members, we decided to put the social part on hold for a while until we could do things the right way.

Back in mid-2016 we made the decision to invest in the social side of SkullsNBones, and after almost a year of development, we are proud to launch the first version of the new SkullsNBones Metal Social Network!

Why Join

Our community needs a place where we can truly be ourselves.  The mission of SkullsNBones is to bring people together around the metal culture.  This social network is designed to support our scene, the unique people in it, and our niche way of doing things.

Need a couple of reasons to be convinced?

  1. Art is art.  We mean it.  Facebook might suspend you for sharing your modelling pictures, SkullsNBones won’t.  They might take down your music video because someone reported it as offensive, SkullsNBones won’t.  SkullsNBones fully supports your freedom to express yourself artistically.
  2. This is YOUR social network.  We have the resources to enhance the site in many ways.  We want to build a website that has a unique experience for everyone involved, and the best way to do that is to talk to you directly about what we should do next.  Let us know what you would like to see on SkullsNBones next
  3. Take a walk on the wild side!  The site is brand new and before long we are going to have thousands of SkullsNBones members from around the world!  Come meet some new people who consider themselves like-minded to your culture!
  4. Showcase your band, brand, or whatever you bring to the table in our scene!  We are a scene that supports each other and we want to see what clothing design, artwork, music, PR services, etc., you have to offer!


What Is Special About SkullsNBones

SkullsNBones is all about people, culture and music.  No other metal website can realistically make that same statement.

In the early days it was the super-active social network members. Recently it has been an army of volunteers working to help bring exposure to underground bands.  Today it will be a mixture of everyone in our scene coming together to celebrate metal in a place designed for it and that is what makes SkullsNBones truly special.

Website features are cool, but it’s the people that make SkullsNBones special, and that’s why we are super excited to be opening the doors once again to our site.

What Can I Really Do After I Sign Up

  • Set up your profile.  Profiles on SkullsNBones have quite a lot of information and personalization flexibility.  From answering a variety of questions about yourself, to uploading pictures and other media, there is a lot to do when you first get started on SNB!

  • Create your own blog.  Yes, we have forums, we have groups, and we have activity status where you can express yourself, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.  Many people want to have a blog of their own and we want to make sure you have all the tools to have a successful blogging experience.
  • Meet new people.  The social networking part of the site is brand new, so there are only a handful of people at the moment, but soon there will be a many and you will have your chance to meet them all!  Start out by saying hello to me!

  • Create an interest group or join groups that are already set up.  Groups is a pretty cool feature that I am particularly excited about.  You have the ability to create a whole sub-section of SkullsNBones with its own focus.  Imagine a Facebook group on steroids and that’s what you have with SkullsNBones groups, and it’s going to be getting even better in the near future!
  • Set up and manage events.  You can set up and manage events directly through your profile or through a group. Besides basic event listing, you can also manage tickets and space available at the event!  We want to see how people use this and then we can make additional enhancements!

  • Start discussions in the forum.  Forums are kind of old-school, but we love them anyway.  There is just something about that strict way of structuring a discussion that makes them so appealing.
  • Add and share photos, videos & music.  What would a social network be without media?!  Get in here and show us your photos, let us watch your videos, and let us hear your music!  We want to learn all about you with an overload of our audio-visual senses!


If you still aren’t convinced SkullsNBones is the right place for you, feel free to reach out to me directly and ask any questions you might have.  If you are ready to join up, welcome!  We’ll see you on the site!


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