John Frum - Album Cover

Charlie Sheen and John Frum have at least two things in common. They are committed to their art, and they possess tiger blood and all the fascinating, ridiculous powers that come with it.

The results for both are very different, though. The actor touted the exotic liquid as a source of power, although it looked more like an epic public meltdown in the name of “winning” to most who were watching. John Frum, on the other hand, have harnessed the sweet nectar and infused their brand of death metal with its unpredictability on the impressive debut, A Stirring in the Noos.

John Frum’s pedigrees provides immediate assurance that insanity will ensue, given a roster that includes associates, both current and former, of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless, John Zorn, Cleric and more. And A Stirring in the Noos delivers, with full-blown death dealing (“Presage of Emptiness”), proggy atmospherics (“Memory Palace”), and maniacal riffing (“He Come”). Each track is built upon shifting rhythmic patterns that make today’s deathcore acts sound like kids hopped up on caffeine and playing Casios. It is an engaging, intense, and ultimately exhausting collection of top notch tracks.

Eat your heart out, Charlie Sheen. This is what “winning” is all about.

A Stirring in the Noos is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

John Frum


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