Johan Hegg Talks About Having Doro On The New Amon Amarth Album!

Amon Amarth recently confirmed that they would be releasing “Jomsviking” on March 25th via Metal Blade Records. Along with that announcement came news of their huge North American tour, the “First Kill” video, the cover artwork, and more! As the track listing revealed, the legendary Doro will appear on their “A Dream That Cannot Be” single on the record, and it’s a song that everyone will be talking about! Johan Hegg said this about working with Doro to Metal Hammer: “We’d met her a couple of times but she is like the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Considering her career and the level of ‘icon status’ she has as a female singer in metal she could be a lot more stuck up, but she’s super-mellow and nice. She was very aware of Amon Amarth – last time we played Wacken she was standing at the side of the stage for the whole show – and she was amazing. It was great to see how she took what I’d written and made it her own.

I’ll be honest, I heard this track at the official listening party here in Brooklyn, and it absolutely rules! Amon Amarth and Doro can do no wrong by themselves, and together they’ve created an epic track that everyone will love! Read more about what happened in the studio with Amon Amarth at Metal Hammer, and enjoy the “First Kill” video again below if you missed it! “Jomsviking” is 32 days away!


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