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Jessica Pimentel's Top 29 Albums Of 2016

2017 is the new 2016!

Jessica Pimentel's Top 29 Albums Of 2016

This year was nearly impossible to narrow down a list of music that made me happy. It seems music was the only thing that 2016 got overabundantly right. From debuts to long-time veterans our ears were filled beyond capacity.

Albums That Made Me Feel Like A Kid Again (What Year Is This?)

meshuggah-the-violent-sleep-of-reason-artworkMetallica - Hardwiredbrujeria-pocho-aztlan-artwork

Albums That Just Kicked My Ass And I Need A Shower Because I Feel Dirty

Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us - ArtworkInter Arma - Paradise GallowsC.B Murdoc - Here Be DragonsDwell - Innate
Wormrot - Voices

I Wanna Get On A Ship And/Or Run Through The Snow And/Or Set Things On Fire And/Or Punch You In The Throat

Amon Amarth - JomsvikingInquisition - Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial ZenithImperium Dekadenz - Dis ManibvsOathbreaker - RheiaGozu - RevivalAbbath - Abbath

So you think you can count….

Carbomb - MetaDillinger Escape Plan - DissociationCandiria - While They were Sleeping

Lets just make out / the baby making hits.

deftones-gore-coverSilver Snakes - SaboteurNeurosis - Fires Within Fires cover artHarakiri for the Sky - III TraumaRussian Circles - Guidanceblack-crown-initiate-selves-we-cannot-forgiveExalt - The Shape you Took Before the Ache

Not Metal that is metal AF so FU

Wovenhand - Star TreatmentMyrkur, Mausoleum Album Review By Sam RoonStranger ThingsDeath Grips - Bottomless PitDavid Bowie - Black Star