Jessica Pimentel’s Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2017


Jessica Pimentel’s Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2017

It’s that time of year, and we are kicking off our series of Best of 2017 lists with Jessica Pimentel. Not only is Jessica a friend of SkullsNBones, but she is the vocalist for New York City metallers Alekhine’s Gun, has been hitting the road of late with Brujeria, and shines as part of the cast of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

Without further ado, here are Jessica’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2017!

10. Belphegor: Totenritual (Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
Because BELPHEGOR!!!

BELPHEGOR – ‘Baphomet’ – [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO – UNCENSORED] from Nuclear Blast on Vimeo.

9. Artificial Brain: Infrared Horizon (Profound Lore Records)
Cold, dark, and foreboding with lyrics that make you question your existence. I really love the mood of this album and the playing all around is excellent. I believe they may be cyborgs.

8. Der Weg einer Freiheight: Finisterre (Season of Mist)
When I first heard this album my jaw dropped, and just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore pummeling they sonically part the clouds. Truly a beautiful brutal piece of work.

7. Code Orange: Forever (Roadrunner Records)
Showing us they aren’t kids any more, this album is nasty. Mean, dirty riffs that stick with you, and well-crafted songs perfect for punching walls. This is rage, passion, energy, and talent on full tilt.

6. Immolation: Atonement (Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
They bring it again and again. One of my favorite bands creating a perfect soundtrack for the apocalypse.

5. Igorrr: Savage Sinusoid (Metal Blade Records)
This album is all over the place … and all the places are excellent. The most schizophrenic album of the year takes you to crazy land and I wanna stay there!

4. Myrkur: Mareridt (Relapse Records)
Exactly what you’d expect from a goddess of the north. Beautifully angelic singing of traditional songs and frightening, bone-chilling screams over droning riffs.  She sings you to sleep with a lullaby, then gives you nightmares. That beautiful bitch.

3. Black Heart Sutra: Zersetzung (Still Water Recordings)
Created by two of my favorite people on earth, this album gives me panic attacks. It’s not for the faint of heart or those that try to count. Manic, progressive, technical, and fierce in every second, it is definitely a journey into pushing limits. I pushed my own limits when I threw down vocals on a couple of these tracks. You’ll be a different person after hearing this album.

2. Lock Up: Demonization (Listenable Records)
This all-star powerhouse of a band slaps you around and makes you their bitch with this album. I love these guys in real life, but after hearing this latest album, I was worried they were going to rob me.

1. Zeal and Ardor: Devil Is Fine (Radicalis / MVKA)
A haunting mix of Americana/slave music and metal with unexpected interludes throughout. This was my most played record of the year. Totally refreshing and unexpected, I used it often to get in the mood when I had to be in TV prison … (Chain rattles and themes of revenge hit the sweet spot this year).

Non metal Honorable mentions go to:
seven)suns: For The Hearts Still Beating
Prayers: Baptism Of Thieves
Vlhll: Stehndhal