Jesse Leach Of Killswitch Engage Shares Footage From His “Spoken Word” Tour!

Since his return to Killswitch Engage in 2012, Jesse Leach has passionately taken back his role as the front man, and is proudly leading them into the future with a renewed passion and energy. 2013’s “Disarm the Descent” was an incredibly impressive release, and rumor has it that they are trying to finish their band new record this Summer, which means more new music from Killswitch Engage before 2015 ends! So how did 2015 begin for Jesse?

The front man embarked on a DJ and “spoken word” tour throughout Australia, and we finally have some footage from the unique experience that you can see below!

Here’s what Jesse on the trip via his Instagram, “My first ever spoken word night was intense for me. I didn’t say everything I had planned. My camera died half way through as I went on for close to 2 hours. Hard to find the words, except to say it was emotionally draining… I am beyond grateful to everyone who attended. I truly hope you left with a small piece of who I am and where I come from. I am honored to have such absolutely amazing fans! I am unsure when I will do this type of thing again, but I know I should. It was cathartic to share and give back a little something to people who have given me so much of their time, support and love. Taking time to talk after all was said and done made me realize how important it is to remove the barrier of a stage and be face to face. Last night solidified what I already believe about being an artist. The connection you have with my work is what makes it valuable and valid to me. We need each other, it’s the reason I still allow myself to bleed and expose my scars. With out you the fans my work is lifeless. It’s only when I express it and it passes through you that is becomes alive. I am deeply humbled by last night, it took me a while to wrap my head around it all. It is not easy to allow a large group of people into my insecurities and darker side. I see now the rewards of exposing myself far surpass my pride and potential embarrassment. I am just a man, messed up, flawed and broken like you. I am willing to fight daily to become a better human and artist. I am open to the possibilities and tribulations I will face. I know I have more to say, more to write, more to expose. This is for all of you…thank you for allowing me to live my art and travel the world. A new chapter begins today….#MemoriesWordsAndSongs.

Check out footage from one of the “spoken word” events below, and let’s hope for some of these in the States once the new Killswitch Engage album is done! Well done Jesse!


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