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Jeff Loomis Is The New Guitarist For Arch Enemy!


Jeff Loomis Is The New Guitarist For Arch Enemy!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS IS HUGE NEWS! Arch Enemy has just announced that guitar GOD, Jeff Loomis, has joined the band! Nick Cordle recently parted ways with the group, and Jeff will be joining their ranks for their upcoming European tour which kicks off November 26th, as well as all future tours in 2015! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Jeff Loomis is one of the greatest guitar players on the planet, and to think of him and Michael Amott jamming on stage together is just INSANE! Read their official statements below, and get fucking excited, because the future of Arch Enemy is beyond promising now!

Jeff Loomis states: “I’m very excited to be playing with Arch Enemy. Michael Amott and I have stayed in contact over the years since we toured together when I was playing in Nevermore. Not only do I admire his guitar playing and songwriting, but I also consider him a close friend. To be able to share the stage with Michael, Sharlee, Daniel and Alissa is something I’m really looking forward to. 2015 is going to be a great year… See you all on tour!

Michael Amott states: “We all wish Nick the very best in his new endeavors and we are sure that you will hear much more from him. We’re also super grateful to my brother Christopher for stepping in to finish the current American tour! The prospect of working with Jeff Loomis moving forward is truly awesome! Jeff Loomis is one of the best guitar players in the metal world in my opinion, as well as being a long time friend. I look forward to tearing it up on stages around the world together as we continue on the War Eternal’ touring cycle throughout all next year and beyond!

Watch Jeff shred below, and prepare to see it on stage with Arch Enemy for years to come!