Jason Lekberg Discusses Kintsugi Management And Dyscarnate


Jason Lekberg Discusses Kintsugi Management And Dyscarnate

Jason Lekberg considers himself an artist first and foremost and an artist advocate second.

It is these defining aspects of his professional career that have led him to front the acclaimed metal band IKILLYA, start SkullsNBones.com with partner Sam Roon, play a support role with Steel Panther, and now, join Lamb of God’s Chris Adler as part of Kintsugi Management.

We caught up with Lekberg several weeks ago to talk about this new venture, and as expected, his passion was palpable, particularly when engaging the topic of Dyscarnate, the band that Kintsugi Management was founded to manage. The songs, he says, “are just so heavy and so powerful.”

Lekberg’s relationship with Adler began in 2008 when he was working as in digital marketing and as a product manager at Epic Records. He served as the touch point between Lamb of God, their management, and the label for Wraith, Hourglass, and into the early stages of Resolution and the As the Palaces Burn movie. This relationship sparked an interest in doing more projects together.

They have kept in touch over the years, sharing new and exciting bands that they came across. One such band, Dyscarnate, became the catalyst for a new partnership, and it all began with an annual “Best of …” list. Lekberg read Vince Neilstein’s favorite albums of 2017 list on MetalSucks (check it out here). He started listening to them intensely and realized that they didn’t have management. When they played in Brooklyn, Lekberg jumped at the chance to see them, and then took the band to metal mecca Duff’s Alcohol Abuse Center to round out the night. When he learned that they were hitting Richmond, Adler’s hometown, he reached out to let his friend know this wasn’t a show to be missed. The drummer had also been listening to the band on his own, and was digging what he heard.

Of all the band’s that Lekberg and Adler could have chosen, what is it about Dyscarnate? “It’s the songs,” Lekberg says. “This is music, everything else set aside, what matters is that they make great songs.”

Beyond the songs, though, the band members themselves boast a professionalism that Lekberg feels will lead them to headliner status with comparisons to Gojira and Pantera. “These guys are just constantly on it,” he says. “They have their wits about them, they know what they are doing, they work super hard.”

While the early conversations found the members of Dyscarnate – Tom Whitty, Al Llewellyn and
Matt Unsworth – reserved and non-committal, Lekberg says “they have been very excited to work with us.”

So what’s next for Dyscarnate and Kintsugi Management? According to Lekberg, he and Adler want to get the band in front of as many fans as possible. “I truly believe that they have all of the things necessary to be a headliner,” Lekberg says. “That’s what we are excited to do for them.”

The plan for Kintsugi Management is less defined, given the bullish, unrivaled focus on Dyscarnate. Lekberg has shied away from management in the past given the all-encompassing nature of the job. “You’ve got to be on 24-hours a day,” he says, adding that, although he and Adler have been contacted by other bands seeking management, taking on any additional work will detract from their goals with Dyscarnate.

Dyscarnate will hit the road this February with Decapitated and Baest touring in support of their 2017 release, With All Their Might. Catch them on tour, and buy the album here!

Killing the European Cult 2019 with Decapitated, Baest and Dyscarnate
11/2 Brighton, UK @ Concorde
12/2 Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
13/2 Glasgow, UK @ Classic Grand
14/2 Belfast, UK @ Voodoo
15/2 Dublin, IE @ Voodoo Lounge
16/2 Sheffield, UK @ Corporation
18/2 Bristol, UK @ Thekla
19/2 London, UK @ Underworld

Dyscarnate - Promo - 2018