Jason Carlson’s Favorite Live Photos Of 2017 Taken By Fellow SNB Photographers


Jason Carlson’s Favorite Live Photos Of 2017 Taken By Fellow SNB Photographers

It’s really hard to pick 10 images from the SkullsNBones staff. There were a lot to choose from. What I look for in a favorite image is clarity (grain doesn’t factor in for me, it’s part of our lives as concert photographers), lighting, contrast, musician expression (are they looking at the camera, their instrument, are they “feeling it,” etc.), and framing. It took me a while to parse down to 10 images, then even longer to figure out which I liked the most. Everyone does a great job! Don’t be offended if you didn’t make the list!

10. Epica: Playstation Theater, New York, New York, by Lina Glasir

I like this photo. The editing is well done. Even though the singer is wearing black and the background is black, she still stands out against it. View the full gallery here.

2017-02-29 - Epica - New York, NY

9. Dope: Highline Ballroom, New York, New York, by Lina Glasir

Great shot of a musician looking directly at the camera. I love it when they actually give you a few seconds of their attention to grab a good shot! View the full gallery here.

8. Wintersun: Tuska Open Air Festival by Sam Roon

I love it when you can tell a musician is really in the moment and into what they’re doing. Great catch of the tongue! View the full gallery here.

Wintersun Live Photos From Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2017

7. Overkill: 70,000 Tons of Metal 2017 by Shawn Evans

I dig the editing on this photo. The contrast is great and Blitz really stands out against the background. View the full gallery here.

6. Valient Thorr: Vans Warped Tour in Denver, Colorado, by Josh Holt

Fantastic shot. Love the editing. I like high contrast in black and white photos, but not every photo calls for that style. This one nails it. View the full gallery here.

Valient Thorr

5. Carnifex: Vans Warped Tour in Denver, Colorado, by Josh Holt

I’ll admit I openly laughed when I saw this image. Again, the musician is playing up for the camera, making eye contact, and showing a humorous side. On top of that, the editing is well done. Great shot! View the full gallery here.

4. Stam1na: Qstock 2017 by Lassi Saarinen

This is a great shot of a singer whose mouth isn’t covered by the mic! I know these are hard to get, especially in metal. The editing is also really good on this image. View the full gallery here.

3. Anthrax: 70,000 Tons of Metal by Shawn Evans

I love the contrast of this image. Scott Ian really stands out and pops. Plus, he’s throwing devil horns! Great catch! View the full gallery here.

2. Lacuna Coil: Playstation Theater, New York, New York, by Lina Glasir

It was really hard to choose between this image and the image for number one. I really like this one a lot. The lighting and costuming make for a photo that pops against the black background. The editing is also great. Definitely a favorite of mine. View the full gallery here.

1. Lordi: Stage 48, New York, New York, by Lina Glasir

Even though I love #2 on this list, this image is hands down my favorite. The detail, the clarity, the lighting and the pose of the artist are absolutely fantastic. Shadowing and contrast are perfect. Bravo! View the full gallery here.

Editor’s Note: Jason Carlson’s live photos are featured frequently on SkullsNBones.com. He calls the greater Chicago area his home. Check out his photography both on the site and on his own website.